Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Here are some of their testimonials:

Augmented Gem Jewelry LogoLee, Oct 2018

I love these hair clips, they are very cute and look really good on dark hair and they go really well with most of my outfits. The shop owner shipped my order very quickly and the items are nicely wrapped.

Two Small Brown Barrettes

Augmented Gem Jewelry LogoLee, Oct 2018

Very cute, and beautiful hair clip, the shop owner shipped the item very quickly, and it’s nicely wrapped. I will be giving this to my friend as a birthday present, and I found this shop has a lot of beautiful and inexpensive items to choose. Love it!!

Greyish Green Hair Barrette

Augmented Gem Jewelry LogoDebbie, June 2018

Perfect, even better then expected! Delivered on time, packaged with extra ❤️and care in hand painted box plus cloth storage pouch. Unexpected thank you gift with hand written thank you card with discount for next purchase. A must to experience :) I’ll be back very soon! This is the shop to stop at!

Augmented Gem Jewelry LogoRita, Feb 2018

Love these very well made earrings!

Dark Wood Hoop Earrings

Augmented Gem Jewelry LogoSue, 2017

I really like this. When I ordered it I had no idea that I would enjoy it as much as I do. However, the colors are great and, since It’s something I use every day, it’s just nice to have a key ring that’s different from everyone else’s and that I can enjoy every time I pick it up. Thanks!

Blue Porcelain Leaf Keychain

Augmented Gem Jewelry LogoRachel, 2015

I love these earrings!! And not just the earrings, but the entire package. Everything was wrapped beautifully, and I was so impressed that the earrings even came with a little kit to keep them clean and always looking new.

Augmented Gem Jewelry LogoApril, 2015

From a woman who just started her own company, can I say I love the ‘extra mile’ you put into your product and presentation – you can tell you really care about your customer’s experience.


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