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Old or Broken Jewelry Pieces Renewed

Thank you to all who have had me in their minds before throwing their old or broken jewelry out and gifted these components.

What a glorious and relaxing morning of taking apart the unusable and unwanted. These beautiful components are being recycled from neighbors, friends, and family into future designs where they’ll be adored well into the fashionable future.

Old or Broken Jewelry

What to Do with Your Old or Broken Jewelry:

If you are local to Hamilton / Stoney Creek area and interested in unloading your own old or broken jewelry, feel free to hit me up. Or give them to another local accessory designer you may already know and like. It’s amazing what can be made from those little parts.

Heaven knows I’m not lacking in my own purchased or second hand gifted supplies. I really wouldn’t want any to end up in the trash before their time either. So please pass them on. Creative types will know what to do with them, guaranteed.

~Creativity is contagious, pass it on. Albert Einstein~

Anyone who knows my Dad, probably already knows that he’s a creative mastermind at reusing. Always on the hunt for free-cycle, his neighbors give him their unwanted, and he proudly makes new things out of it. An antique vacuum turned into a lamp will forever be the thing that makes me chuckle the most. It’s so friggen cool.

Knowing that his mind isn’t the same as anyone else’s, and there’s the chance that I’ve inherited or contagiously caught some of that too… so proud. ♥️

With an open heart,


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Making Something Beautiful

Exceptional joy can be found in making something beautiful and purposeful out of something of a much lesser value. I like to think of the end result as being the difference that I’ve made.

Making Something Beautiful

Those leather remnants don’t look like much right now, but later on, somewhere down the road after the work has been done, someone will ask ‘Did you really make this beautiful piece?’ and I will say yes.

With a such smile on my face, and warmth in my heart ‘Yes – yes I did make this!‘.

Elements of Surprise in Making Something Beautiful

People are often surprised with the end results of my jewelry designs.

The magic that imagination can play, when given the some to grow, is quite powerful. Sometimes, I even shock myself.

As stated during an interview for Hamilton Spectators’ WhoWhatWear article, (Dec 2014) regarding the results of pretty much any designing session I’ve ever had…

‘It’s weird because when I’m done, I’m like, how did I come up with that?”

Perhaps it’s the weirdest thing I could have ever said at the time.

Now it probably is, but quite honestly, despite the years of experience, this element of surprise doesn’t seem to go away.

That’s part of the attraction.

For others (who are often not handcrafted one of a kind jewelry clientel, but rather DIY’ers) it is easy to see one of my designs and think, ‘oh I get how that was made – I could make that myself’ or even better, questioning how it could be that expensive.

These are all after thoughts, and nothing that can compare to original designs, and the hours designing actually takes. Regardless, I want everyone to create something beautiful – with their hands – and with their life.

The Life Lesson:

Anyone can imitate, but being boldly original, and unapologetic for having a sense of yourself – and who you want to become – that’s making something beautiful.

I encourage you to do this for all of your days. 

With an open heart,


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My Creative Inspiration, What is it?

My Inspiration?

My inspiration each day is this young lady.

Little Kid Inspiration

She is more powerful than she could have ever known. The girl in the photo had sky high little kid anxiety, and without a doubt didn’t believe in herself like you’d hope a young girl would.

When I design, especially when it’s elaborate, my gauge of success is would it make her proud to know what she had accomplished.

I’m tearing up thinking of how small her dreams were, and now realizing her power, how large they’ve actually become.

My initial reflex was to go with ‘nature’. Nature is very inspiring, and it tugs at my creative strings daily. My soul response was totally different.

What is your inspiration?

For your creativity, positivity, or simply to keep your momentum going – whatever it is – share your own soul response in the comments below.

With an open heart,