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Social Media, a bit of Reality from the Desk of…

This is something that’s been coming up internally for some time. Society has changed in a way that’s a bit harder for me to accept, being that I’m not normally gungho on changes anyways. I’m talking about the small screens being the big screen. Social media, really.

We’re absorbed in devices, and constantly being broadcasted to about what other people are doing, thinking, and eating. We are more tuned into the masses then ourselves. The mentality is that whoever matters to most, should also matter to me. That I need to know what they all know, and be doing what they’re all doing too.

It’s all rather tiring, and so very loud.

My life will never look like a magazine. I won’t ever be in one either. This is an understanding that I am totally comfortable with. I am however uncomfortable with the desire for others to perfect their life in pictures while the real life pieces are falling apart.

Stock photos aren’t stored memories. These events didn’t happen in your days. Your desk doesn’t look like that – because from Instagram I’d have to say you’ve all got the same fucking desk. It’s ridiculously fake.

My real feelings were written, alongside this photo of my actual desk. Bad lighting and all, haha.

The internet may bury this post like it never happened, as lets face it the much needed seo is thrown astray… 4 likes and 2 shares over 10 years and I’ll still hold it as true.

There’s nothing that should make you feel like your real life isn’t the real and sharable story. Go ahead and share it, your story and your freaking desk. #FromTheDeskOf

With an open heart,


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