Two Tone Green Hair Barrette


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Ladies two tone green hair barrette, which was designed with a natural stone cabochon. The stone may have some natural crevices or colourings, which should be considered character building to this two tone green hair barrette’s appearance.

The small metal hair clip base is pretty durable. Intended use is to accessorize your hairdo, however you choose. Be creative.

Two Tone Green Hair Barrette

Materials and Measurements:

  • Smooth natural stone cabochon measures 3×2.2cm (1.18x.87″).
  • Durable nickle-finished steel form.
  • Total accessory size is approximately 3.8×2.2×1.4cm (1.5x.87x.55″) and has some weight to it.
  • Adhesive glaze has been applied in numerous stages for strength of design. It is fairly durable, smooth and glossy, but may alter and/or weaken if used with alcohol based hair products.
  • It’s important to note that some hair forks may have blue blue colouring on back from the combined adhesive glaze and/or metal used. The blue is not visible when clip is being worn, and not overly noticeable when not being worn

Product Packaging:

  • A white jewelry box or black velveteen pouch. Great for gifting.
  • Tiny gifting cards w/envelopes are free of charge. Request one.

Important Shipping Information:

  • Flat rate shipping is in effect.
  • Available within Canada and to the US, excluding California.

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