Small Copper Barrette Set of Two Textured




Ladies small copper barrette set. These clips are embellished with copper that has been textured. Each design is available in a set of two so that you have matchers.

Feel free to zoom in to see the differences. Photo two shows the best.

Textured Copper Barrette Set Details

Small metal hair clip base is pretty durable. Accessorize your hairdo, however you choose. Be creative.

Materials and Measurements:

  • Nickel finished steel barrette base, wrapped in textured copper.
  • These small barrettes are approximately 1x4cm (0.4×1.57″) in size.
  • Each design piece was individually cut, filed, and textured.
  • Manipulated copper fits rather snuggly on the barrette base.
  • After install, each barrette gets a final sanding with the dremel tool, ensuring comfort.

Product Packaging:

  • An abstract painted box or black velveteen pouch. Great for gifting.
  • Tiny gifting cards w/envelopes are free of charge. Request one.

Important Shipping Information:

  • Flat rate shipping is in effect. Quicker with tracking + insurance.
  • Available within Canada and to the US, excluding California.

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Texture Desired

Brushed, Bubbles, Hammered, Glimmer, Dented