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Electronic Gift Certificates

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Augmented Gem Jewelry offers electronic gift certificates in a variety of denominations. This is a great option if you're short on time, and cannot wait for a certificate in the mail.

Your electronic gift certificate will be sent via email. Unfortunately if you want to buy an electronic gift card for someone else, then you'll need to forward the electronic gift card email to your intended recipient.

Gift cards can be used towards the purchase of Augmented Gem's accessories on AugmentedGem.com without worry of an expiration date. Please note that refunds/returns of gift certificates, or their remaining values, are not available. 

Certificates are only sold to residents in Canada and US, within Augmented Gem Jewelry's shipping jurisdiction. 

Be sure to browse the current offerings to maximize your happiness level. There's something for everyone, and the promo opportunities alter often enough.


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Snag yourself a hefty $5CAD off coupon for becoming a subscriber of Gem's News. The coupon code you receive will only be usable once, but when you use it, you're gonna be thrilled. Not only will you get a deal, but I tend to send out some pretty interesting and insightful moments of understanding. Subscribe now to be entered into an email list exclusive February shop credit giveaway draw.


Painted Packaging {An Artistic Gift}

Perfect for gift giving and those feel good vibes, orders will ship out in painted boxes. Imagine the surprise element when opening your parcel. Adds a whole other level to your happy mail experience. Something I receive feedback on often.Augmented Gem Jewelry Painted Boxes

Gifting Cards {A Simple Assistance}

Cheerful enough mini gift cards to add to your gifting process. They are absolutely free with your order, just message me to request yours at the time of ordering.
Mini Gifting Cards Available with Purchase