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Privilege + Feeling Good about Doing Great

Prosperity Necklace Sold, Privilege
Prosperity Necklace (Sold)

I have felt bad about being poor my whole life. I don’t need to be feeling bad about privilege too.

This is where I’ve been stuck in my own mindset for ages. I have dabbled in the luxuries, but talk them down as it makes me feel bad when others have yet to indulge.

This must change. I cannot control how others feel about me, or an aspect of my lifestyle, but I can control how I feel about these things, and fuck I’m happy.

I have chosen to be happy pretty well everyday since deciding that I truly deserved to be happy. That was a decision worth making right there. The days aren’t all easy, but they sure are easier, you know?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with living in a big house in a big city, driving a big truck, or a very little car, and having the ability to help out others. There is also nothing wrong with living in a smaller house in a smaller city not driving anywhere at all… if that would make you happy.

The basis of this journal entry is rather personal. In order to attract more positivity, there’s a need for me to let go of all that doesn’t serve positively. So here I go again. Another rung on the personal growth ladder underfoot. This is my privilege: to feel good about feeling good and doing great.

My money mindset is finally in check. And so is my opinion of what others happen to think of me, my art, and my life.

Your opinion is none of my business. It never was.

Getting stuck in a mental position, any of them, is not living completely. The older you get, and the greater experiences you allow yourself to encounter, the greater confidence and happiness levels there will be available for you to attain.

One up yourself. Live your own damn dreams.

With all my heart,

Shannon Lebert <3

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