Shop is paused until July. Flourishing with the flow with life for a while.
Shop is paused until July. Flourishing with the flow with life for a while.
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A Bit About Augmented Gem Jewelry

Gem was born out of an admiration for earthy elements paired with the thrill of being a creative soul. There's a connectivity I feel when making that compares to nothing else. Designing spectacular + unthought of accessories is my hearts work. Hand painting their packaging is simply an extension of that, a gift of heart.


Augmented Gem Jewelry Home Studio

Augmented Gem began with jewelry design back in 2010.

Over the years, creative interests have grown about in this snug little Stoney Creek, Ontario home studio.

 Shannon Lebert of Augmented Gem Jewelry


Real pride lies in the magnificently altered end result, along with the self expression that Gem's accessories aim to encourage. I love working with recycled components, repurposed tidbits, and leather remnants. Adapting it all to be enjoyed, once again, by other treasure hunters on their very own lifetime of adventures.


My current dream is to live the slow but steady country life, connecting with the earth and my art on the daily. Travelling the world for further knowledge and inspiration, sourcing supplies, and bringing home with them the stories of their own orgins.


Regardless of your accessory preference, when or how we came to cross paths, thank you for your interest. I appreciate your support, and am thankful for the opportunity to possibly play a small part of your own special journey.

Shannon Lebert, 

Augmented Gem