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If Life Were to End

Run Your Life

When my life ends, know that I was incredibly happy, moderately healthy, and absolutely in love.

The struggles we face when someone passes is often all the wondering we do. Did they know we loved them, deeply through out all the days? Was there pain, and was it drawn out? Are they in a better place?

Until five years ago, I had pretty well felt myself to have lived without loss. As I’ve matured, its been realized that that’s not necessarily true. My grandmother, who left when I was in grade 4, is someone that nowadays I seem to miss daily. She’s a person I hadn’t had the privelige to really get to know.

As I’ve grown in age, so has the feeling of her spirit within me. When I do things, many things, I often feel that this is how she might have done them too. Like maybe I am quite like she was, somehow.

Although my time with her was short, and there’s some stuff I’ll never really know, I feel a connection to her that is rather unexplainable. I have participated in the Terry Fox run, in the memory of all that I remember my Grandmother to have been, and what I feel her to be now. This happened two years ago, and then again on Sunday.

Terry Fox Run 2015
Terry Fox Run 2015 – in Grandma’s memory.
Although for a great cause, my run wasn’t necessarily about the foundation, or the simple fact that I can. This is part of following my hearts story, of finding out and celebrating what is, what was, and what will never be again. It’s quite a distance that we all will travel from birth until the end.

For anyone who feels the emptiness form a person gone, I say:

Do something wonderful to celebrate the memories that you hold. 

What would you want your loved ones to know once you’ve passed? How would you like them to celebrate your story? Maybe we should all have our own conversations now.

I’d like a barbecue. And for everyone to know without hesitation that I was happy, healthy, and in love. To understand that I have probably accomplished more than imagined, and had became someone that I aspired to be a long time ago. I lived.

With an open heart,

Shannon Lebert

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