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My Creative Inspiration, What is it?

My Inspiration?

My inspiration each day is this young lady.

Little Kid Inspiration

She is more powerful than she could have ever known. The girl in the photo had sky high little kid anxiety, and without a doubt didn’t believe in herself like you’d hope a young girl would.

When I design, especially when it’s elaborate, my gauge of success is would it make her proud to know what she had accomplished.

I’m tearing up thinking of how small her dreams were, and now realizing her power, how large they’ve actually become.

My initial reflex was to go with ‘nature’. Nature is very inspiring, and it tugs at my creative strings daily. My soul response was totally different.

What is your inspiration?

For your creativity, positivity, or simply to keep your momentum going – whatever it is – share your own soul response in the comments below.

With an open heart,


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