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Find the Lesson in Mercury, Dear Diary

Find the Lesson, Better Together

Feel like I’ve had a full on retrograde experience that I’ve heard others speak of. It’s like I’ve got a hangover from a night of drinking, and now I’ve got to make amends with myself and others. Luckily the apologetic hangover hasn’t happened in a good 10 plus years, but this is along those same lines. Find the lesson, they say.

Find the lesson.

We are separate souls on our own mission who have come together to do it together – but separate still. Separate souls, separate missions – but with the support of each other. Thats what ‘together’ is.

It isn’t combine everything and become one. It’s two in its entirety. Maybe that’s why marriages breakdown.

‘When two become one”. That’s a ton of pressure to be, do, and share everything with someone else, who is now your other half – when before this you were actually one.

On your own whole, and now only a half.

But is this really the lesson, Mercury? 

Realize how strong you can be on your own. Develop your own potential. Gather your own seed, tend to your garden, and watch that beauty bloom. Witness your work, and experience your transformation.

I think that’s it. From one of the oddest, most over-thought days of my life, yesterday, I think this is the lesson.

Support, and be supported – team work – but while supporting, don’t forget to grow your own seed (goals/interests/career) and be around to watch it bloom. We have our own missions. You are already whole, and thankfully so am I.

There’s so much of ourselves that isn’t meant to mesh.

I’m going to harness the power of when one becomes two, instead.

That’s growth right there.

With an open heart,


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