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Favorite Client Story

My Favorite Client Story?

Favorite Client StoryAlthough I am proud of how all of my clients come to know, adore, and trust my designs – this one has struck a couple of my heart strings.

On the morning of December 6th of 2014 I was setting up for Hamilton’s Made By Hand Christmas Show, and had been featured in the Hamilton Spectators WhoWhatWear article, front page of the GO Section, the day before.

Standing with all of those pre-show jitters of my first big show, unsure of what to really expect. Moments before the doors were about to open with a gush of new faces, my phone goes off with an Etsy sale. I check in excitement, and it’s an order for a bracelet and a pair of earrings. How exciting can this day possibly get, right?!

Moments later, another Etsy sale. To my surprise this one was for the same client.

Gold Filled Back NecklaceThe next day we meet at the show, where she was planning to attend as a day out spending time with her sister. Like all my clients before, she was nice as pie, and I was delighted to have met someone (face to face) with such an invested interest in my jewelry.

Through other exciting events, my new clients niece (pictured) picked up a different bracelet from my house the next day as a gift for her Mother.

Flash forward to this summer when I’m contacted on Etsy for a gold filled back necklace for her high school graduation. Honestly, I had never created with gold filled materials, nor had I made a back necklace before. The thoughts had never crossed my mind.

It turns out this young client had requested me, as she had bought a bracelet from Augmented Gem Jewelry some time earlier *blush*.

We came up with some interesting design concepts for her Swarovski gold filled back necklace. She decided earrings and a bracelet would be fitting with her dress. She was right, so we designed them up.

A couple months later I was graced with these beautiful photos. Ones I hadn’t known how to publish until now. Not wanting to under do her beautiful photos, gorgeous gown, and jewelry designs their justice… she is my favorite client story.

With an open heart,


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