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DIY Bracelet Sizer

Unless it is a very thin bracelet, measuring the length of a bracelet is not an accurate way of finding the pieces size. Knowing this, I was trying to find a proper and fairly inexpensive fail-proof way to measure bracelets.

While researching ideas, the EZ Bracelet sizer came across my screen. It’s basically a cone shape roll with measurements marked on the outside. Practical, and cheap too. My 1st reaction was ‘That’s exactly what I am looking for!’

After further googling, the impression found was that it’s laminated paper, and I opted for something a little more durable. It would have probably been fine, and worked great, but sometimes a girl wants to do things a little more independently.

Before taking action with my next thought – a measuring roll, the bendable kind used for sewing, I ended up at Princess Auto, and found a near perfect solution. A magnetic measuring roll. At 39″ long you’ve got tons of playroom for the (then) $7.99 price tag. You can keep it as one large piece, or cut it up smaller – your choice. Either way, it measures all the same.

DIY Bracelet SizerThinking about anklets and bracelets, I cut mine at the 10″ mark. The other 29″ tape I use for measuring necklaces. Pretty Practical really.

Just roll it up, put it inside your bracelet, and let it unroll. The size it expands to is the bracelet’s size. Easy-peasy!

This method of measuring is important because simply measuring length does not account for the inner circumference the beads or other material take up. A bracelet is often smaller than it’s length, especially when made with chunkier materials.

Tidbit: If you want to know your bracelet size, measure your wrist in inches with a flexible measuring tape, and then add 1/4 – 1″ to your measurement (1/2″ is the average) based on how snug of a bracelet you are comfortable with. The result should be your bracelet size.

Hope this helps,

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