Shop is paused until July. Flourishing with the flow with life for a while.
Shop is paused until July. Flourishing with the flow with life for a while.
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Tuning into Ourselves Instead

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I used to be bad energy. Dramatics happened all around me, and all the time. Not only did I create it, I sucked it all up, and then mirrored the miserable.

When I found creativity, when that re-entered my adult life, things began to even out, as a new perspective was always being found. Design time is alone time, and over time I realized that’s exactly what I’ve needed.

In this solo activity I have the ability to go inwards and access myself, instead of also being affected by the energy around me. That's something else, that I was reflecting the troubles of others, and that really amplified mine.

I didn’t like being alone way back then. I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t like the stillness. It was uncomfortable. Now, the alone time I get is sacred. Necessary. It's the way I feel and accept the possibility of balance, harmony, and most of all peace.


Colouring page with markers

My circle is small, and somewhat vetted. I don’t go out a lot, especially now haha - and the old me would have thought I was lame, but older me knows the difference that young Shannon never got to experience. I'm blessed with that wisdom. Understanding that energy is contagious, and I am essentially a sponge. 

No matter how uncomfortable, I’d like to encourage some solo time for yourself. Not the regulated by government variety, but where you get to sit and think, or maybe not. Do a puzzle, colour, or crochet - something where there's a bit of childlike wonder, no expectations, and listen to yourself.

I believe that's a problem we have, in listening to others more than tuning into ourselves. If you’ve got your own sense of creativity - perfect - make some time to dabble in your art. That's a place of wonder, where the truly wonderful happens.

Every time I make something, It’s not just the magical transformation of supplies to art - it’s the transformation within me. They’re both magical, and in those moments, that’s where you find the sweet spot of creative peace. May it find you.


With an open heart,


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