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Shop is paused until July. Flourishing with the flow with life for a while.
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Step Into Your Future, Self

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Funny how a thought in the shower, can lead to a thought on a walk, which can lead me to talking to you here.

Growing up I didn't value myself. I wasn't exactly taught, literally or demonstratively, and I really didn't know how. Flipping through my film roll of life experiences this morning, it's evident. In my memories many and various types of interactions I had through to my 20th year, took even more of that value away. Like a bank account being depleted, I dreamed of better, but didn't realize that I was actually deserving. Wow eh.

Don't let that get you down though, because things can change, and in my 20th year a lot did. It wasn't all at once, learning to love myself, and knowing I was meant for more meaningful things. I guess it comes down to the whole 'when you know better, you can do better' concept which is often slow acting, but progressive nonetheless.

'Make a choice, to take a chance, or your life will never change.' is the real stand out one. The moment you take a step into your future or stand still in your past.


Shanon Lebert trying on 'Lucky' T-shirt

Trying on one of my new shirts yesterday. Lucky. Although it's not how it started, its true, I do consider myself one of the lucky ones. Lost but then found. Soul level deep.


One choice eventually leads to another choice, which leads to another choice, which will totally change you. The person you are can then become the starting point, for a future version of you, and not the endgame. We can always be changing. Evolving.

There's something I seen recently that comes to mind. You know those hilarious because they're so very relatable, random but full truth – well this stuck a chord for me. How about you?

If you knew me before my 20's, you never actually knew me.

If it does, it's a good thing. Just know that looking back, you did the best with the skills and resources you had. There's a plot twist though, cause whatever was to your detriment, can also propel you forward. Maybe to where you can eventually help others, perhaps in a similar way even.

Reflecting this morning of being July, half-way through, I felt a bit of pressure to get my newsletter done. That if I didn't do it now, it's not going to be worth it. It would be awkward and considered late. The truth is that there's always value to be found, and it's almost never too late.

This goes for everything. Yourself included.

Be a great day.

Shannon Lebert, 

Augmented Gem



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  • Steph on

    Loooove this! Thanks for sharing. And love the writing team meme 🤣

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