Shop is paused until July. Flourishing with the flow with life for a while.
Shop is paused until July. Flourishing with the flow with life for a while.
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Learning to Flow This New Year

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It's been an odd year already, eh! Have to say that things don't look like I intended for 2022, but that's fine by me. So much is feeling better than I could have planned. Right at the beginning of January I got signals from the universe to take time. Some time for myself rather selfishly, and so far I've managed to listen.

Others have mentioned the same. Has that happened for you too?

During this month of rest - which then turned into two - I haven't focused much of my energy on Gem's stuff, with the exception of bookkeeping, and have been nesting instead. Home life is feeling spacious. I've been intentionally working on that. Little upgrades. Clearing out all the old or unnecessary and feeling those vibes.

Sorta feel like I'm getting ready for hosting a party of sorts, and I know that doesn't quite fit the worlds current narratives - but when the time comes, you bet Imma be closer to ready than not. Getting ready has been a real pleasure.

So much of this time has been spent in my head. Not in an overly obsessive way, but more envisioning my future, daydreaming of adventures, and imagining a life where we live through more of them quite regularly. Reprioritizing wellness, and for honesty's sake, quite possibly planning a lengthy escape from Ontario's borders.

I'd love to live in the country, totally surrounded by nature. Where the days timeline involved wandering into my studio after a long day of adventure, and not so much the other way around. That's the current dream.

I plan on reopening up shop during this second week of March. Quite possibly tomorrow. There's no real timeline for that, and things will be looking and feeling differently for Gem going forward. But all the change in the world is appreciated right now, as I learn to go with it all. Referencing my word of the year, with learning to 'flow'.

I hope have been well.

Shannon Lebert.

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