Shop will be paused for July. Flourishing with the flow of life for a while.
Shop will be paused for July. Flourishing with the flow of life for a while.
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Hindsight is 2020 Vision

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I’m someone who has always had difficulty putting myself out there. For 64 days, since November 1st, I’ve done exactly that. Shown up + showcased. 

‘Show’ was my word for 2020. Besides taking the Mindset Reset program in January, followed by Bliss 2.0 in February, and a new Shopify website for the end of summer - not sure I really had shown up much at all. But in hindsight those were the best things for me to show up for. 

My Husband had emergency spinal surgery at the end of October, mid covid. I lost my brain for a couple days. I was messy. I over thought and worst case scenarioed while he was in the hospital, and for a few days when he was back. Non functional really. 

I think that break down was my build up. All the work I did with @jillianbowman, early on in the year, didn’t really get to be implemented for Gem as I shut my Etsy shop down from covid March 12th before the majority thought it to be necessary. I focused the downtime into personal interests, just like Jillian taught, but not design or Augmented Gem’s other stuff, not for months.

Once you go through something that scares you to death, maybe it devastates you, challenges your thinking or choices, and makes you realize how precious time can be, and actually is - all that can also be a positive push ahead. I think that’s how it happened for me. 

If the thing I was most afraid of, of losing my love, didn’t actually happen - what more could I really be scared of from that day forward. Nothing compares right?

I know a lot of people are going through way worse situations. One of them could be you. If the new year stuff isn’t coming off shiny, that’s okay. You can reset at any time, and because we’re not always in control, it might take a break down before you make it to the build up. 

Augmented Gem's Surfer Blue Office, with 'Flourish' Written on a Whiteboard

My word for 2021 is ‘flourish’ and I’m ready. I suggest that maybe you think of picking a word too. Something to come back to, even if only in thought, to act as a reminder. If show wasn’t my word, 2020, who knows how the year would have ended. It really pushed me.

This week I get back to designing after a long stretch without, and I’ve never been more excited. What are you looking forward to?

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