Fresh November Mindset

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As a new month begins, and with todays time change, there becomes a thought in my mind that the days will never be any longer, and our time truly is limited.

Let your influence be positive. Show your love, acceptance, and admiration daily. There are things that matter, and then those that don't - lets not confuse the two.

Autumn Vibes Painting

Famous people are not of our lives, but our friends & family hopefully so. Turn off the tv, put down the technology, and just go for a walk. Soon it will be winter and you'd have wished you went yesterday.

Nothing beats fresh air, fallen leaves, and good company. Take the time to enjoy today for all that it can be, whatever that possibility is.

When you're graced with today, and have the prospect of tomorrow, don't take either for granted. Embrace all of your moments with an open heart.

Shannon Lebert

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