Shop will be paused for July. Flourishing with the flow of life for a while.
Shop will be paused for July. Flourishing with the flow of life for a while.
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Embracing Our Adult Hair Situations

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The stumble into making hair accessories started in a similar way as the wonky love hate relationship with my own hair. But really, nothing is ever by accident now is it.

Total Hair Situations

Growing up I despised my hair. It would look good when wet, or right before bed, but never-ever for school or work the next day. I’d get drastic hair cuts and dye jobs far too often, wanting to look like someone else. I’d be devastated though, because in the end I still looked like me - but with some really short and unmanageably wavy hair.

Now in my thirties, I’m still hesitant about haircuts, but I’ve come around nicely to accepting what I’ve been given. Instead of straightening my thick hair daily, I let the curls go natural more often, and embrace all that wild with an embellishment or two. The bad hair days aren’t gone, but dang, they sure are much prettier!


The Up Stylish Side

Through my own hair challenges, I am developing lines of hair accessories fit for regular life. The easy to embellish, uniquely interesting, and comfortable to use type of designs which I'm sure will help some of your own adult hair situations too.

Augmented Gem Hair Accessory Designer, Shannon


I don’t like spending mornings fussing over the things I can’t change anymore. I want to spend my time creating things that will enhance the way we feel about ourselves instead.

How do you feel about your own adult hair situation? Have you begun your own journey of self acceptance? I'd love to hear from you. 

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