Shop will be paused for July. Flourishing with the flow of life for a while.
Shop will be paused for July. Flourishing with the flow of life for a while.
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Challenging Myself Creatively - 2020

Artist Life Encouragement

Below is a random gemstone assortment, in which I got some great deals on five years ago, and obviously went a little overboard.

Something similar can be said for a variety of sterling silver findings I bought in that same period. Many of each is still unrealized of their full potential.

A Collection of Strung Chunky Gemstone Beads
Stumbling upon this photo made me think of how I can have all the pretty pretty beads in the world, but if not enjoying them - I am simply a *GASP* bead hoarder. ⁣

I don’t want to hog Mother Earths semi-precious jewels. I’d much rather make earthy vibe accessories with them. Pass them on, in finished form, to new clients with appreciation of their expressive worth. 

Going along with my current plan to have three glorious studio days every week, I also want to challenge myself to utilize many of these beads by years end. ⁣Gentle reminder there's only 3 months left - and we either make the time, or we loose it.

Maybe the last quarter of 2020 is the time to challenge yourself in some regard as well? ⁣Let me know what you come up with. Also, what craft supplies, or other indulgences, you’ve been hanging onto? Always curious. 

As an update, in no way did I utilize many of my supplies after this post. Lets just say that life has a funny way of prioritizing certain things for you. These beads will be making their debut in more designs during our new year. May it be wonderful. 

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