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Quite Like You

Augmented Gem Jewelry’s aim is to be admired for a sense of style that makes you feel good. When we look good, we tend to feel good too.

You appreciate the art, like to set trends, and be known as an original.

You own your individuality and will take chances, as do I.

Augmented Gem Jewelry

Augmented Gem Jewelry’s Core Values

agj-site-text-originalityagj-site-text-originalityoriginality in designs

Pride lies in the originality of Augmented Gem Jewelry designs, and the individuality they allow. I aim to keep myself pure from anothers’ creative influence.


valuation of designs

Creativity cannot be bottled and sold. I take great pride in my magnificently altered end result, not necessarily in just the value of the materials or the brand we began with.


resourcefulness in designing

Working with resources that others would over look is exciting! I see the opportunity of a second chance materials can be given and the wonderful design interest they allow.


These values come back to the creative teachings of my Dad. Some of my favourite lessons from him are to (1) think out side the box (2) ‘use what you have to make what you don’t’ and (3) always take your design concepts 1+ step further than anyone else is willing to.

Pearl Bridal Headband
Custom Made Swarovski Pearl Headband

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