Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
Augmented Gem Jewelry

Bold + Playful Earthy Vibe Accessories

Bold + Playful Earthy Vibe Accessories

Bold + Playful Earthy Vibe AccessoriesBold + Playful Earthy Vibe Accessories

About Augmented Gem

Abstract leather and copper necklace design from Hamilton Ontario. Available for purchase.

Originality, Valuation, and Resourcefulness.

Making spectacular and previously unthought of accessories is my joy. Real pride lies in the magnificently altered end result, as well as the individual expression my designs allow.

If you've got something special in mind, I will try my very best to acquire those unusual or hard to get materials for your own design concept. It would be my pleasure. 

I aim to keep myself pure from others creative influence, and always want to take my designs one step further. 

You will adore the difference. 

Augmented Gem Jewelry boxes are hand painted

Ready to Gift.

Augmented Gem's jewelry boxes are as unique as the accessories. Boxes are painted by Shannon Lebert with abstract flair. 

No need for wrapping paper. 

A black velveteen or mesh pouch could also be used for your shipment. Request your preference.

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